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Change! [07 Mar 2005|08:40pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I'm making this a place for icons, too. I have a lot to post. Enjoy!

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Hehe... [20 Feb 2005|08:43pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Quote of the Day: "Maybe you think I'm talking about my physical love. Well, I'm not. Not just physical love. There's other kinds of love. Like love of justice. Love of legal procedure. Love of lending a hand to someone who really needs you. Love of your fellow man. That's the kind of love I'm talkin' about. And physical love ain't so bad either." - Billy Flynn from Chicago

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Hmm... [19 Feb 2005|01:17pm]

[ mood | sad ]

So Hayley joined this community. I hope she comments. I really want people to join this and read it! Ahhh!

This one is for Nanu. God, I hope he is alright.

Stay Strong

Stay strong,
Don't lose grip.
The phone rings,
we bit our lip.

Telemarketer and wrong number,
call after call.
Then Nana or Auntie Ann,
you didn't lose and fall.

You're hanging there,
doing better than I know.
You're staying strong,
Nanu, please don't go.

Quote of the Day: "There has been so much rumor, innuendo [pause] outuendo..." - Glinda from Wicked.

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Welcome #2! [18 Feb 2005|06:34pm]

[ mood | enthralled ]

I love my Lay-Out that I made for this community. Don't you?

So this community has been up for just a couple hours, and nobody has joined. If you read this, or join, can you please comment giving me ideas to advertise. And can you please advertise?

I'm gonna have a quote of the day, usually something that relates to how I am feeling or someone else is feeling.

Today's Quote: "I'm sorry, I was nervous..." - Seymour Krelbourn [Little Shop of Horrors].

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Welcome All! [18 Feb 2005|03:42pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey! Here are all my poems from the community featured in the link at the top of this page:


You are a bud.
A bud that blossoms into a leaf.
A green leaf
That everyone loves.
You grow

You change. You change like everyone else.
You are yellow.
You are red.
You are brown.
You fall.

You fall far,
far to the river
the river of change
the river of life.
You go down stream.

You float, float at the surface.
You pass calm movements, calm, quiet, quick movements.
You pass rapids, raging rapids of the rolling river.
You pass others, just like You,

The current speeds up.
The current takes you
to a fork in the stream.
They take left.
You take left.

... and You are never seen again.


the inner color of many.
Why would a color so dark
choose the soul of any?

Yet me,
it chooses me.
Is that my true color,
or is there more to see?

I look.
I see vibrant colors all around.
And yet, left and right
Black can be found.

Its clear Black has chosen me,
and yes that is true.
But when it comes time,
will you let Black choose you?

Spilt Up

In a couple days we split up,
and say our final goodbyes.
In a couple days we split up,
and go on with our lives.

I’m not the only one that knows that
our stories have come to an end
I know we all know that
forever, we will be friends.

I’ll remember your smile
You’ll remember my hair’s curl.
I’ll remember our silly moments
whether you’re boy or girl.

Before we part I’d like to say
“Thanks for being my friend”.
And no matter how our stories go on, friend,
you’ve changed the way mine will end.

Untied Shoes

I used to walk besided you,
hand in hand, heart in heart.
I used to walk besided you,
A long time before we part.

You were there,
when I need you to be.
You were always close.
You were a nessesity.

But thats all gone,
just a leaf in the past.
We can never go back,
the moments can not last.

I walk by my self,
all alone and cold.
Tripping over the untied shoes,
we're both getting old.

Never again will we have that magic,
'cause its gone forever.
I love you, but you loved me,
will we love again? Never.

For Idina

The night had came,
I was waiting long.
Finally I heard it,
your greatest song.

Anxious and nervous,
waiting you to show,
I wanted you more
than you can ever know.

You appeared and I clapped,
others followed me.
You made my heart smile,
for an itnerity.

The show went on,
song by dance.
I never wanted it,
but it finished.

When you flew
I did too.
And when you cried,
I did with you.

It was amazing,
the experience of a life time,
and I want to relive it
over everytime.

You gave me love,
and magic beyond,
and I will miss
you're perfect song.

Toxic Together

Darkness surrounds us,
alone on the couch.
Looking by the moonlight's reflection
His junk falls from your pocket pouch.

Other's are in the next room,
loud and high.
We are together here,
you and I.

We lean in
with our hands interlocked.
Our lips touch,
and our hearts are in shock.

Lips moved like snow
through the air.
Your boyfriend is in the next room,
and you don't care.

Tongues and lips tied,
and nothings the matter.
He walks in,
causing a clatter.

Jealous and in a rave
you say goodbye.
You throw him his drugs,
I'm your new guy.

You're clean intoxicated
with my touch.
I love you, and you love me,
that's more than enough.

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